We are 4 grandkids in search of an angel who can help our Nana!

We are 4 grandkids in search of an angel who can help our Nana!

OUR GIFT TO NANA:  This Website

Hopefully this will lead to a new kidney for you Nana--WE LOVE YOU!! 

Ali, Maya, Jessie & Ari


OUR GIFT TO NANA:  This Website

Hopefully this will lead to a new kidney for you Nana--WE LOVE YOU!! 

Ali, Maya, Jessie & Ari

The Situation

why nana: Paying it forward


Our Nana has committed her life's work to her family and her patients as a medical assistant, which she continues to do. With a warm, caring heart, helping and giving to thousands of others has been her life's mission.

Now she needs help and we hope that there is a hero and angel somewhere out there who wants to pay it forward on behalf of all of the people she's helped. As her grandchildren, we want to do everything we can to help Nana.

Because her blood type is O+, none of her blood relatives are eligible to donate directly to her.   


why a live kidney donor


Nana is on the kidney transplant waiting list for a deceased donor kidney, but it’s much better for her to pursue a living kidney donor. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

  • 􏰀The wait for a deceased donor kidney is over 5 years. 
  • A kidney from a living donor has the potential to last on average about twice as long as a kidney from a deceased donor.
  • It will be beneficial to remove the current transplanted kidney before receiving a new kidney. This will be much easier to accomplish with a living donor. 

other ways to help


We completely understand if you cannot donate your kidney.  Would you mind spreading the word by sharing this website on your Social Media pages?  The more people that we can reach, the better chance we have!

Why This Is Important To Us



Every single time I get see my Nana, whether it be visiting her in Florida, her visiting me in New Jersey, or us meeting somewhere in the middle, I always know without a doubt that I will get the best hug of my life to bookend the beginning and end of the trip, and every time, she will cry when we part ways. That just shows how big of a heart she has.

My Nana is one of the most loving people I have ever known. Throughout my 22 years of life, I am proud and lucky to say that she has been there for every important milestone, and is also always there to talk about life, rant about teen drama, and give the greatest advice. I have so many special memories from my childhood up to now that involve her, and I don't know where I would be in life without her love and influence.

She has spent her whole life giving to others and making them feel loved and special, whether it be her family, her friends, her patients, or complete strangers. My Nana has never asked for anything in return, and that is why we have this website and initiative. She would never try to steal the spotlight from those she loves, and right now that is exactly what she needs. The most selfless woman in the world is in need of your help and it would mean the world to me if you can help give us the ability to make more memories and produce more love every day.




My Nana is the most loving and selfless woman I have ever met. She brings so much positivity and light to every situation, and anyone who has ever spoken to her would say the same. She has always given me her unconditional support, and she has shown me how important it is to cherish time with family. She has made a point to be there for every important moment in my life, and these experiences would not have been nearly as special without her.

She deserves to experience so many more of these moments with her family.




I want my Nana to get a kidney because she is so deserving of one. She is the most selfless person I know and I can’t imagine what life would be like without her. She gives us so much, and I want to return that favor to her. Ive looked up to her my whole life and I want to do everything in my power to help her get this kidney. By giving her the help that she needs, I would be able to have my grandmother in my life for much longer, hopefully long enough for her to be at my wedding and meet her great grandchildren. I’ve always dreamed of the day I would introduce my kids to my grandparents and I know my grandparents dream of the day they will meet their great grandchildren. If you are reading this, I need your help to achieve this dream.




My Nana means the absolute world to me and my family. She has dedicated her entire life to helping people and now she needs it back in return. I love her with my life and if there is anyone out there that can help, you will be the answers to our prayers.